The outcome of the Ferguson debacle

This prediction does not come from mysticism or a dream or a truth spoken to me from aliens.

It comes from cold, unforgiving logic.

Everything in this universe is governed by probability.
99.9% of the time, humans are not able to fly. But it still happens, what with people falling from airplanes and surviving despite the lack of a

99.9% of the time if you throw a hammer at a wall it will hit the wall but sometimes someone walks in front of it or the wall gets destroyed and the
hammer hits nothing.

With that, I predict that whatever verdict comes from the grand jury, it will ignite a flame of oppression and freedom. These protesters are angry
about everything in their life but have been steered to hate one thing because it is the most identifiable.

A person in power shooting a young unarmed man and having no ill consequence. Even if the officer is indicted, it will not be enough for those behind
the protest. They will cry for more and more blood till the city is bled dry and martial law is declared. If the officer is not indicted, it will
stand as a stark reminder that the people in power do not have the interests of the people in mind. The people behind the protest will point to that
verdict and say “hey, this isn’t fair, destroy everything and it will be fair”

But it will never be fair because the officer involved will not be there. He is long gone and will never see justice.

Instead the people who live in Ferguson that have nothing to do with law enforcement or stealing from a store will suffer,

And we as a society will suffer with them when the big hand of power crashes down on the protesters.
They will use the precedent set by the response to make it the response to any protest, violent or peaceful.

This will be the first in a series of dominoes that will stack up against our dwindling freedoms and attempt to knock it over.
But despite it all, it only takes one person to stand against that last domino and say NO, THIS ENDS HERE

If I have to be that person, I wouldn’t care. Even if you do not want to fight for your freedom and pursuit of happiness I will and I have many more
who will stand behind me to help. I am not afraid of dying for my beliefs. Death would be a sweet release from the misery I go through every day,
knowing that I lived while the one who most deserved to live didn’t.

RIP my chica you will never be forgotten

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