The Mysterious Man-Eating Dune of Indiana

HEADS UP!! Be careful if you travel to Mt. Baldy in Indiana, known as a “wandering dune,” or the “living dune”!

Mother Nature can be a truly frightening force to be reckoned with. With very little effort, our sturdiest constructions, the pinnacle of all of
our technological know-how can be dashed to pieces by her wrath. She can also confound us with her inscrutable mysteries, leaving us with no clue of
how or why she was able to inflict her deadly touch. Such is the story of the dangerous roving dune of Indiana, a mysterious wandering behemoth with
the potential to swallow people without warning and with no known reason.

Mt. Baldy is an enormous sand dune located at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, a 15,000 acre national park which lies along the long coastline of
Lake Michigan, a place so renowned for its beaches that it is sometimes referred to as America’s Fourth Coast. The park is well known for its sand
dunes, but in particular for the monstrous Mt. Baldy, which at 123 feet high is the largest sand dune on the southern shore of Lake Michigan. The dune
is popular among hikers, who climb to the top for picturesque view of Lake Michigan, as well as a well-known spot for sunbathing. Around the dune
itself are numerous hiking trails and a popular birdwatching spot called Cowles Bog. The nearby beach is very famous for its swimming, drawing
visitors from all over the U.S.

July, 2013, a 6 year old boy, Nathan Woessner was swallowed by the dune. He was walking along the dune when he disappeared into a hole that suddenly
opened under him. People nearby were alerted by the boy’s screams and found him completely submerged under the dune. By the time rescuers arrived,
the boy was buried underneath 11 feet of sediment. Rescuers worked frantically to free the boy and finally, after an 11 hour ordeal, the boy was
pulled out alive.

That’s amazing!

Other stories began to emerge of other visitors encountering the holes as well. Hikers walking Mt. Baldy told of suddenly having the ground open
up beneath their feet and causing them to trip or become stuck. Luckily, the holes in these cases did not exceed more than 5 feet in depth, and the
incidents caused no fatalities. Nevertheless, it certainly seemed that the dune was a place of potential danger and that it was only a matter of time
before someone was seriously injured or worse.

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