The Little Green Men of Hopkinsville

August 21st 2015 marks the 60th anniversary of one of the alleged all time closest of encounters in history. It remains unexplained to date.

It’s one really bizarre story that supposedly involves a UFO landing, two or more inquisitive and possibly hostile ‘little green men’ (they were
actually described as silver coloured). Armed ‘defensive’ actions were taken by the occupants of a Kentucky farmhouse against the creatures. Local
police, military policemen and state troopers attended the scene. Officially the case was never investigated by Project Bluebook.

Nowadays it all seems like the plot to a 50s B-Movie or Twilight Zone episode. But is admittedly one of those, almost surreal, mystery UFO cases that
are still fascinating to this day.

I realize this has been discussed a number of times on ATS before but so what? It is the 60th anniversary. It’s a story that is nowhere near as
loved or written about as Roswell. Yet in the ‘Kelly’ story the aliens were reported within hours and the witness stories remained unchanged.

I’ve tried to give the story a more in depth look by using sources like the Loren Gross booklets, that Isaac Koi recently brought to our attention,
along with a few other resources. Hopefully I am bringing in information that we have not been made aware of in previous posts.

But if you really are sick of this case then please click away now.

If not – then we’ll recap the story as it happened back in ’55.

Then we’ll look at the evidence and opinions that have been put forth in the 60 years that have since passed.

But first of all let’s drift back into the midst of time as the story begins to break….

Hopkinsville, Kentucky – August 21st 1955

It’s a hot summer’s evening in late August of 1955 in the small town of Kelly, Hopkinsville.

Approx 7:00 pm

Elmer ‘Lucky’ Sutton (27) is entertaining a friend, Billy Ray Taylor, in a farmhouse around 8 miles from Hopkinsville.

Others present are Mrs Glennie Lankford (ex-Mrs Sutton, 50 ), John (Charley) Sutton (21), Vera Sutton (29), Alene Sutton (27), Lonnie Lankford (12),
Elmer Lucky Sutton (25), Mary Lankford (7), June Taylor (18), Charlton Lankford (10) and O.P. Baker (30).

There is no running water in the property so Billy Ray goes outside the Sutton home for water from the outside pump.
Within minutes Taylor returns excitedly into the house claiming to have seen a
flying saucer hover over the nearby woods, and then descend into a gully.

Unimpressed with Taylor’s story the family and visitors remain inside the property and ignore his claims dismissing it as a shooting star.

Another hour or so passes by without incident.

Approx 8:00 pm

The Sutton’s dog begins to bark and become agitated. Elmer and Billy Ray leave the property to see what the animal is getting so worked up about.
The nervous dog then runs and hides underneath the house and does not return until next day.
Sutton and Taylor then notice a 3 – 4ft tall ‘creature’ approaching them. A
creature they later describe as having a large round head, long thin arms extending almost to the ground, and legs that seemed not to move naturally.
The hands are large and seem to be more like the talons of a bird. The being’s eyes seemed to glow in a fiery shade of yellow.

Deciding to shoot and then ask questions later, Elmer and Billy Ray open fire with a .22 rifle and a 20 gauge shotgun. The creature appears to perform
a back flip and then scuttle back into the woods.

The men return to the house to check everyone is alright. Rejoining everyone in the living room they notice another creature peeking at them. Once
again the men open fire and the creature back flips and then disappears into the darkness. Convinced they’ve at least wounded the entity they
prepare to leave the property to take a look.

As Billy Ray Taylor pauses on the porch to take a look outside a talon reaches
down from the roof and grabs his hair. Elmer Sutton fires at the creature and it falls from its perch on the roof out of view.
Another creature is then sighted in a close by tree. The men aim and fire and are amazed to hear a sound like bullets striking metal as the creature
starts floating to the ground like a falling leaf.

The family illuminate the porch light to get a better view and this seems to cause the creatures more discomfort than the gunfire. The family and
their guests are pondering if these entities are simply curious rather than hostile.

The eleven occupants are now shut inside the farmhouse, listening intently and waiting for something else to happen. After a time a tapping noise can
be heard from above the kitchen at the rear of the house and away from illuminated front yard. Elmer and Billy Ray boldly leave via the back-door and
see another creature on the roof again. Gunshots knock the creature into the air. It then seems to “float” away to the top of a fence separating the
back yard from the fields beyond some 50’ away. Finally perching like a strange bird. Shots ring out again and the strange visitor drops on all
fours moving out of sight into the shadows.

Back in the property, the women and children lay on the floor scared out of their skins while the men continue take pot shots as the strange intruders
appear repeatedly at the windows without ever attempting to enter the dwelling. During this ‘battle’ Billy claims to have used up four boxes of
.22 shells.


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