the insane quest to [i]refreeze[/i] and [i]reice[/i] the Antarctic

there is a danger of zealots in any religion or set of beliefs. this is an example of the danger many are concerned about when it comes to the
believers in “human caused global climate change”. that some well meaning group or person will take drastic measures to fix what they
see as a problem. and by their very actions interfere with, possibly irreversibly the natural cycle. thereby actually damaging the natural order and

there is a proposal to “artificially” refreeze Antarctica by pumping water up adding to the ice. basically like you would use ice to cool
down and keep cool a cooler for a trip to keep food cool. not only are there astronomical costs involved (where would the money for it come from?), at
$500 BILLION US dollars. but this is the type of thing that could severely negatively impact the world ecosystem, weather patterns, and
temperatures. yet to a true believer in the belief system of human caused global climate change. this sounds like a really good idea. an idea
that can help fix what they in their belief system feel we have broken.

there is a lot of evidence that is completely ignored by those who believe in human caused global climate change, that strongly indicates not only has
the climate been changing throughout time and history, but that it can happen extremely fast. to start nobody seems to doubt that in at least one time
the earth has had an ice age. a time where a fair amount of the earth was covered with ice sheets. a time where the earth was far cooler than
it is today. in fact back in i believe it was the 80’s and 90’s the concern was that the earth was headed into another ice age. there are the
woolly mammoths found far in the north like Siberia, that point not just to the climate changing, but also to it happening extremely fast.
almost a flash freeze situation. this due to finds in remarkable condition due to being frozen. yet in the stomach contents there was a warm
weather flower, which would not have been growing if it was cold. which of course means it went from hot to temperatures to freeze the beast
exceedingly fast.

then in the lexicon of the human caused global warming fear mongering is the fear of ocean levels rising due to the melting of the polar ice caps. yet
again there is proof that the ocean levels have risen even far in the past. normally this is put down to the melting of the sheets of ice from the ice
age. the evidence being human settlements and works under water in coastal areas around the world. yet this is used to fuel the fear mongering
of ocean levels rising due to human caused global climate change. due to oceans rising from the melting polar ice caps. and push the fear of this
causing loss of human settled areas especially on the ocean island nations, to drive their cause. yet they completely ignore another real fact of the
cause for the rise in ocean levels. that being that the inland fresh water systems are draining into the oceans, and always have been. lakes in
northern Canada are drying out. as are the inland waterways. where is all that water going? it of course is and has been draining into the oceans
following the natural river systems. this can been seen by looking at pictures of many waterways painted in the 1700′ and 1800’s where waterways
tend to be bigger and deeper, where today the same waterways are a lot smaller with less water flow. even the Great Lakes water levels have dropped
since i was a kid. one pier we used to dive off of is now surrounded by perhaps a foot and a half of water. areas where the water used to come up
almost level with the ground and be fairly deep right off, is now about two feet lower with that ground now being a small cliff with a beach. i know
my grandfather was very concerned with the drop of lake Ontario from when he was a kid raised in that area. in another case the water level drop in
just 40 years was significant was on a canoe trip i was on as a teen. we had the logs and journals of the last known trip about 40 years before as
well as an old man who had been on that trip to talk to. that route had gone out of use due to it being heavily used to drive logs down river. yet 40
years later there were a lot of areas where you could barely get a canoe through due to the shallowness and narrowness of the water. in one case what
had been a low class rapids, actually more than a swift area had instead become a small falls we almost went over. yet in these areas you could still
see the logs and log jams often ten feet on either side of the currant waterway where they had been in the flowing water. as well as old high water
marks often several feet higher than the currant levels. but that water level drop makes sense when you remember that water flows from inland out into
the oceans. in fact due to archeological evidence in school we were taught that at one time in the far past that almost all of what is currently the
city of Toronto and the townships north of the city was under water. calling it lake Iroquois, a lake formed by the glacial melt, which has subsided
to what we now know as lake Ontario. all that water draining into the ocean over time. again, that makes perfect sense, and is used to back up their
fear mongering.

yet they ignore the evidence of LOWER WATER LEVELS. again on a canoe trip we once came upon some cliff petroglyphs. yet these petroglyphs went
UNDER the water. that is evidence of human habitation with far lower water levels. they have also mapped out much of the bottom of the Great
Lakes in recent times. and have found evidence of small lakes and waterways on the floors of the lakes. not only that but they have also found human
works on the lake bottoms. this shows there has been a cycle of both much higher and much lower water levels in times that humans were there (before
the ice age). this would mean that the oceans have also been higher and lower in that time. since if the water was not on the land, it has to be in
the oceans. this shows that there is indeed a natural cycle of both high and low inland waterways and ocean water levels. unless of course you want to
blame those changes on the ancient people and their pollution belching factories and automobiles, causing the climate to change.

yet in an effort to try to stop a natural cycle, that they believe to be caused by humans. and to try to stop the ocean levels rising due to the
humans causing the polar ice cap to melt. they want to insanely artificially cool the Antarctic. and one has to assume that the next step would be to
do the same in the Arctic. we need to insure such a plan by these zealots is not carried out. to stop the insanity of interfering with the natural
cycle, possibly doing great ham to the environment.

A group of researchers has proposed using wind-powered pumps to refreeze the Arctic. The proposal seems ambitious: it involves 10 million
devices deployed over 10 per cent of the Arctic, at a cost of $500 billion US. Lead author of the paper, astrophysicist Steven Desch, concerned
about what some climatologists predict to be an ice-free Arctic by 2030, challenged a group of his students at Arizona State University to develop a
method to refreeze the Arctic. Without ice to reflect sunlight into space, heat continues to be absorbed in the region. This, in turn, causes further
warming and accelerates global climate change. While cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions is the solution various companies, researchers and
governments are aiming for, Desch was concerned that it wasn’t a “real-world”

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