The industrial military complex and grey aliens

I appologise, this is going to be a lot of cross referencing throughout ATS. I got the idea from this thread:
greys In it people are talking about the physiology of the greys like they are
common knowledge and it made me think: How can these abductions and grey visits be almost entirely only happen in the USofA? Please follw me here:
Roswell for Dummies
What if, there was a crashed craft and the militaries experimented on them, only to be contacted, by the creators/owners/grey-people. After that, they
sold out the population to these beings, for free experimentation and breeding and what not. In exchange for technology. Not too much, after all they
were already in depths, or that’s how an advanced not so benevolent race would have putted it.
Anyhoo now we keep getting more and more of this: Do you wish that we show up While
at the same time it seems like more and more people are experiencing strange things.
Like ImaMarty, or
VitaArcaneum, or
Also 2014 was the weirdest year for me so far and it is very deeply connected to ATS. This was my first account:
Ninipe It was the time of Putin invading Crimea and the Malaysian Airliner disappeared,
interesting times… Mostly because ever since I got strange things happening to me, but you probably get that from the above linked hive-mind
This Phoenix lights was a warning in my opinion. Not from greys, but from the
humanists I met. I’m perfectly aware I can prove exactly nothing. So please just discuss it away and show me how I’m wrong. Would be a relief,
because otherwise, we are facing the possibility of being screwed in oh so many ways.
Putin resisting would seem then like a good thing, even though he is clearly the aggressor. The extinction plans for the masses would be real and the
poisining is in full progress. Also more and more control mechanisms are getting installed, bs like this:
arrest for tweet keeps getting more and more often. Also noticeable increased officer
vs. public violence, especially in the USofA, it seems. Calling the cops. So please
show me, how wrong am I?

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