The Great Pyramid Hoax


First things first–this evidence is new. Also, it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the erroneous past claims of Sitchin. Zilch.

Okay–so now that we have got that out the way, as promised some months ago, I have created a new presentation (Powerpoint) which offers evidence
directly from the pages of Col. Howard Vyse’s handwritten journal of his explorations in the Great Pyramid in 1837.

Suffice to say, Vyse’s journal presents some compelling, never-before-seen evidence pointing towards a forgery (fake hieroglyphs of the Egyptian king
Khufu) having been placed in the upper chambers of the pyramid, perpetrated by Vyse and his assistants.

There is much more evidence from Vyse’s diary (and elsewhere) that shall be presented in due course that also point towards this forgery. In
the meamntime though, I hope though that you enjoy this presentation in the meantime:

The Great Pyramid Hoax.



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