The Ghostly old lady.

My partner and myself moved into a flat above a shop in south London just over 20 years ago, it was on a main road and was built in the 1900’s.
The second night in I woke up and instinctively looked over to my sleeping partner, stood by her and looking down at her was and elderly lady in old
turn of the century clothing and solid, it was if I caught her out because she looked a me with surprise and vanished, I didnt tell my partner the
about it the next day so as not to alarm her.
Over the next few months things came to a head when my partner was in the bath, she had the flannel over her eyes and was chilling out, the door
opened (she thought it was me) and heard an elderly female voice say “Oh, sorry dear I didn’t see you there.” which freaked her out.
When she whipped off the flannel no one was to be seen.
After she told me about it we both confessed to seeing greenish vortexes floating in various spots of the flat, and something sitting on the end of
the bed before the dawn, these vortexes were the size of footballs and were a glowing green, not ghost buster green but the hue you get when
luminescent toys were losing their glow and you can just make them out before the went.
We accepted her as she was harmless (and polite) and got on with life, there was no atmosphere or bad vibes about the place, but often when people
stayed over they would complain of someone unseen walking around the room.
The icing on the cake for me was when my parents came to stay over, my old man was a no nonsense northerner, one evening he got up and went for a pee,
after a few minuets he came dashing back in saying there was an old lady in the kitchen, popped his head back out and freaked a little as she vanished
and there was no way past him and no way out.
When he sat down and got himself together we told him it was the house ghost and she was harmless.
He just looked confused and said “I dont believe in ghosts” and was convinced we were trying to trick him.
For a man who didnt believe in ghosts he recounted a story of when he worked at a coal pit (as a surface worker), it had a local well known legend of
being haunted by the lady in white.
One particular night he was at the top of a metal stair way and was enjoying the silence you get with a covering of snow when he saw foot prints
walking across the yard from someone unseen, he always said when he told this “I dont believe in ghosts”.
Sadly we moved out eventually and we wondered if the old lady still wondered around her old home.

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