The Evolution of the Human Language. (my take on it)

The Evolution of the Human Language. (my take on it)

In the beginning, language was developed in order to help humans communicate better with one another. A caveman in our distant past grunted to
another caveman and pointed at something that he wanted (I’m assuming it was beer). The other caveman pointed at the same thing and grunted in the
same manner. Thus the first word was born. It was not technically a word…but close enough. From that point on, the word “grrr..” came to mean beer.

Writing was developed in order to help communicate with one another across distances. The same caveman who invented language (Yes, I know this as
fact) also decided to write down the word “grrr..” and draw a picture of what it meant in a cave. He wanted all the other cavemen to know what he was
talking about when he said “grrr..”

There was no spelling Nazis back then, so even if another caveman wrote the word a little different, no one cared. Cavemen who visited the cave
throughout the years noticed the drawing and the word. They begin to draw it on all the other caves they frequented in their travels. And that was how
the written language came to be. “Grrr..” became “gerr”, geer”, “beer.” The most coveted word in a man’s vocabulary.

So, the cavemen sat around their fire, drinking beer and making up more words that they could use in order to talk with one another. Pretty soon, all
the most important words in the caveman’s language were established: Beer, women, football, and nachos. (yes, they had all these even back then)

The cavewomen saw what was happening and decided to do the same. They sat in their caves all day, picking bugs out of each other’s hair, inventing
words for different things they felt were important. And that is how the most coveted word in the woman’s language was invented…the word “no.”

When the men of their group would pull them out of the cave by their hair, they would scream the word “no” as loud as they could. But the cavemen
could not understand what they were saying, and it hurt their ears when the cavewoman shouted at them. So, the cavemen decided that it would be better
to hit the woman over the head before they took them. That is when the cavemen put the two most important words together in the caveman’s language
….shut up.

And that was also when the second most coveted word in the cavewomen’s language was invented: headache.


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