The Documentary Donald Trump Didnt Want You to See

Trump…What’s the Deal?

The whole documentary is at the link below the YouTube video. Kind of like the one Hillary didn’t want in theaters? Sheesh.

“It was easy work, because they had remarkable stuff: Donald working with the mob in Atlantic City, intimidating tenants, hiring illegal
immigrant labor, verbally assaulting his family and underlings, trying to move a Florida airport because jets flew directly over his home… the list
goes on and on.”

As the GOP frontrunner gains visibility today, there’s been a lot of archive-digging going on — including, of course, accounts from ex-wife Ivana
Trump. Today, it’s a trailer for the Stern-fronted documentary that Trump never intended for anyone to ever see.

And this is a front runner? Really?

Donald Trump’s Financial Disclosuress

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