The Day After the 2007 Alderney UFO Sighting

A month ago I made a pretty fascinating discovery.

For those who of you who don’t remember the 2007 April 23rd Aldernery sighting,
here is a quick refresher.

The case was interesting for all the reasons any good case is interesting (radar, multiple witnesses, air traffic control chatter, CAA involvement,

Something definitely happened.

The only problem though was after digging through the radar plots. We were still more or less empty handed. David Clarke provided a nice overview of
the case in his book,
The UFO Files.

The research showed the testimonials were consistent. The radar was inconclusive. Another pilot reported seeing something. But that was it. The trail
went cold. Another dead end.

Or so it seemed at the time.

Two to three weeks ago as I was rummaging through the notes in my scrapbook (available
online here). I discovered that there was another sighting the next day
(official report), not that far from
the location
of the Alderney sighting
, in the south of France.

And guess what?

The video of the thing looked more or less identical to Ray Bowyer’s drawing…

(listen to Ray describe the image)

Now compare Ray’s description to the April 24th videos:


There are differences to be certain. However, I can’t help but think what would this weird elliptical thing look like if the sun was gleaming off it?

Pretty curious, don’t you think?

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