The buzzer ( Number station UVB-76 ) sites have been found!

(i had a search and cant believe its not been posted!)

For many years i have been following number stations and strange radio stuff , one thing that has always fascinated me is “the buzzer” or UVB-76 which
is a number station which broadcasts a constant repairing short buzzer tone, people have speculated on what it may or may not be for and on occasions
if has stopped or people have been heard talking in the background yet noone has really got anything, until now!

It would seem a group of enthusiasts have manage to locate 2 locations where this is being broadcast from.

link to story

edit, link wont post … have made a short versionhere

One part of the whole write up which really interested was a phone call which accidentally was broadcast over the buzzer which seems to be the
broadcast station contacting the building that feeds them the signal from Moscow via St. Petersburg’s 60th Communication Hub (codename Vulkan ) ,
what is interesting is that the person seems in quite a panic over the fact they can no longer hear the buzzer, which leads me to believe that their
are people who are paid to monitor this signal.

Im no further in the know really , but damn its interesting … has anyone else heard or been following this?

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