The binoculars, telescope and microscope working thread.

Not much conspiracy here… Just didn’t know where else to put it. We got a lot of science people here on ATS and I am sure someone can help me out

Binoculars, two lenses, one for each eye… why do you need watching with two eyes..? Does this configuration make it possible to see further or is it
only for seeing depth..?

What do these numbers mean 20-60 X 60 or just 7 x 50. Which of the numbers should I focus on when buying binoculars.. Everybody wants the binoculars
which can bring the farthest object the closest. How do these numbers look like for microscopes then… 0.005 X 0.0025 maybe?

From what distance it is better to buy a telescope instead of binoculars… Do lenses need to be bigger in order to see further and smaller to see
more upclose?

Why do we sometimes use something other than light to make out objects in the distance? Like seeing other planets at distant stars?

Why can we not see molecules with (light) microscopes…


PS Anybody something to tell about their own binoculars, telescopes or microscopes..?

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