The Biggest Lie of All

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The Biggest Lie of All.

On my journey over the last year or so, of investigating what I believe to be the biggest conspiracy of them all, regarding were we live and also were
we come from from, I would like to present the following 2 videos by youtube member

Now I have posted a thread on this topic already in skunk works which can be found
HERE, but that thread and videos only touch on a small part of the whole conspiracy,
were these 2 newish videos actually do allot better job on actually questioning dozens of so call facts, that we are told to be true, which when one
actually looks into what we are told and what is actually real, anyone with some common sense, or is able to break out of the prison that there mind
has been held captive in, will actually see that what we are told and what actually can be observed, are 2 totally different things.

Now what is different to these videos to the ones I have posted in the past, is that what is presented is a number of inconsistencies, of which anyone
with some critical thinking, will see that not all of the information presented can be debunked, and I have tried and also done my own research, and I
have come to the conclusion also what we are told of were we live and our place in the so called universe, is not true based upon the information that
is provided to us and my own research and observations.

Off course I do not agree 100% with what is concluded in the videos, but I do believe they do a very good job in putting all the pieces together and
presenting what we are told as fact and what can be observed, in a easy to digest format.

Now for those of you that believe you know that you know and were we come from and were we live and are not able to question this, then these videos
are not for you, and I respect that and wish you the best.

BUT, for those of you which might of had and have a niggling question about some of the information we have been told regarding were we live, then
maybe these videos might open up your mind a bit more to actually do some more research, like I have done, and like myself you actually might be able
to see what we have been told is true and what MIGHT be true are to totally different things.

The idea behind this post is not to prove or disprove one theory, but more to question the theory of were we live which has been taught/told to all of

With that said, here is the videos, I encourage all if have an interest to watch them in there entirety.

Hopefully ATS members that are interested in this subject will be able to actually able to discuss this topic, without the hatred and ignorance that
has been shown in the past regarding this topic.

Part 1

Part 2

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