The American Dream

It’s strange, I was going to quote a book by Edward Bernays entitled ‘Propaganda’. Except I could not find the quote, so I found a Forbes article
I will quote instead.

Dr. David Gruder addresses the “Hijacking of Happiness” at TEDx Encintas, March 2014 For example, says Dr. Gruder in his presentation, consider
how Bernays’ manipulative philosophy influenced our concept of “The American Dream:” At the end of World War II, Harry Truman had a dilemma on
his hands. The economy had come back from The Great Depression during the war and he wanted the economy to continue to grow during peace time as well.
So he conferred with experts including Bernays to come up with a plan to cause it to happen. The plan the marketers created was called The American
Dream. The dream involved the breadwinner (typically the man) to be working in a job that he didn’t really love and to work longer and longer hours
to climb the corporate ladder in order to make the money his family would need to create the high consumerism lifestyle required to keep the economy
growing in peacetime. Consumers were being influenced to buy more things and companies were being encouraged to produce more products that nobody
really needed in order to keep the economy going well.


I will be scanning through the book later, it may be in the introduction. If anyone is interested, here’s an online version of the book.
Propaganda by Edward Bernays


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