Strange (Scary) Experience I had.

Hi Guys and Gals,

The following is an experience that happened to me a couple of years ago and I wanted to put it out there so I could get feedback and see what you
guys made of it or if you’ve ever heard of something similar….

I was alone in the house, sat on a chair when suddenly a woman appeared in the corner of the room.

She was wearing a long black long sleeved dress but her appearence was quite modern, her hair style and face appeared to be quite modern. She had
black hair tied up but with little strands that fell down her face either side.

She was smiling at me and beckoning me as if she wanted me to follow but I felt more like she wanted me to trust her. As I moved closer to her she
started to nod and point at the chair behind me, trying to show me something….

All the time she was smiling and she seemed desperate that I trust her…

She was talking and saying something to me but when her mouth moved no sound came out, I tried to tell her I couldn’t hear her but no sound came from
me either.

Anyway, she kept pointing and insisting I looked but for some reason I knew I didn’t want to look, I told her I didn’t want to look but again no
sound came out.

Then she moved really close to me, still smiling and that’s when I noticed her eyes.. they were all black and spinning like a whirlpool with a purple
smoke…. Really really strange and I didn’t like it..

I told her to go away and that she didn’t belong here, she took a step back so I took a step forward and told her again to go away and that she
didn’t belong here but she just smiled wider, sort of like she was laughing at me….

That’s when the other 3 women appeared…

Three more girls, dressed the same with a similar hair style to her, all quite nice looking, the one who appeared first stood on the left… All the
time she was pointing and smiling and again it looked like she was desperate for me to trust her….

All the women were speaking but instead of no sound this time there was like a hissing noise, like a radio that isn’t tuned in properly…

They didn’t ”feel” evil but I just knew somehow I didn’t want to look at what they wanted to show me….

At this point I remember thinking I wish my spirit guardian were with me, something wasn’t right.

Anyway, all of a sudden, almost at the same time… the woman on the right said
”Try now” and the original woman said
”Perhaps he can’t hear us”

Thinking about it after, it was almost as if the woman on the right had done something to ”tune us in” so we could understand each other.

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The original woman on the left said ”look” and pointed again, but still I knew I didn’t want to…
This time I told her I didn’t want to look…and she said
”Perhaps we should tell him instead?” asking the other women

The one on her right had blonde hair and said
”Do you want me to tell him?”
Then she said..
”He is the one I call Mr Unhappy”

The original woman then came really close to me and I noticed her eyes again and she said..

”We’ll tell you but you will still find it very unpleasent”

At that point I had had enough and told them to go, I sort of shook myself awake? I wasn’t sleeping.

Anyway, they left and vanished but just as they were going I heard her voice saying…

”We’ll be back sometime”

And I knew without doubt she means it and although they haven’t been back as of yet, I have been visited by a hideous evil entity which kept me awake
for days.

So what do you guys make of it all? Thanks

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