Strange Frequencies Discovered on the Radio Waves: Can You Make Sense of this Bizarre Recording?

To me this sounds like a performance piece, but why it was on a NYC station WKCR in night in the 80s or 90ss …. no idea.
I’m glad I haven’t watched the Ring in a while as I don’t want to keel over within 48 hours of listening to this.

You can hear “frank Oppenheimer” brother of Robert. He was one of the top scientist on the Manhattan project and names of people who died on a Pan Am
flight in the late 80’s…weird?

In one of the weirdest mysteries ever, a man records his local radio station as it’s overcome with a broadcast of shrieking, tribal chanting, and a
strange list of names from the Manhattan Project and a flight crash The recording begins innocently enough, with classical music coming over the
crackling airwaves. The happy tune doesn’t last long however, as the radio fades out into shrieking, whispering, chanting, and what sounds like
meditation bells. It’s one of the creepiest audio snippets that I’ve ever heard.

Not a whole lot of information about this strange recording exists, who recorded it, or what it’s authenticity is,…

oh and when I played my dogs went nutso

Any guesses?

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