Stopping Coffee

(Since I am sure that a lot of us drink coffee, I’m posting this rather personal topic here.)

I will test, on myself, what it’s like to stop drinking coffee from scratch, after being addicted for over 15 years and log my experience in this

In the meantime, I would like to raise a discussion in this thread about the pro’s and contra’s on coffee consumption.

Subject: Male, 29 years old, white caucasian, smoker
Location: China
Addiction: 15 years, 3-5 espresso shots per day

DAY 1 (24 hours without coffee)
I had a hard time getting anything done this morning at work. At around 11 I felt very hungry, what is very unusual for me. Around noon some headaches
started to appear, and as of right now (8PM) they are getting more intense. I feel kinda dizzy, just like after drinking 2-3 beers. I am tired, and
exhausted and in a “I don’t give a * mood”.

DAY 2 (48 h.w.c.)
— tomorrow



I always knew that coffee “isn’t very nice”, yet what I didn’t know is that it contains over 1000 chemicals.

More than 1,000 chemicals have been reported in roasted coffee; more than half of those tested (19/28) are rodent carcinogens at maximum
tolerated dose, but because animal cancer tests build in enormous safety factors, these chemicals should not be considered true risks…

I had a lot of work to do recently and drinking 4-5 espressos per day was the average, sometimes even more, sometimes with Red Bull or just some
Coke’s. At some point I just couldn’t fall asleep normally, and when I did, I couldn’t wake up normally. I was like a zombie going to the kitchen
as soon as I get out of my bed in order to get my coffee, before going even to brush my teeth.

In the meantime, I am working for a Chinese tea company, and that’s where I learned a lot about tea, and actually why people prefer tea over coffee.
I was never a tea lover, neither am I now, but I learned a lot about coffee during the past months here while comparing it with tea. It was strange
for an European to be around people who don’t drink coffee at all (my colleagues). Yet they are so energetic, active – how is that possible without

That pushed me to decide stopping coffee, and make a log on how my body and my brain recovers in time.

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