Stocks and the stock market

This isn’t as much a conspiracy theory as an observation of something I cant explain without allowing for conspiracy, or extreme coincidence.

I was watching a stock on Wednesday. It was bouncing around a bit but overall was trending consistently. I considered trading. I watched it all day
and into the after-hours market. With a time stamp of 4:03pm the ticker showed it down $1.68 in after-hours trading. I called my broker. We briefly
discussed the stock and its sudden shift. I decided not to trade anything behaving that strangely. After I hung up the phone I went back and looked at
the after-hours web page again. The time stamp had not changed but the ticker showed the stock up .35. I wondered how that was possible and checked
another website that also showed the stock up .35. I couldn’t understand where the -$1.68 came from.

During the Thursday session that same stock was down exactly $1.68 at the closing bell. That is one hell of a coincidence.

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