Stephenville UFO Incident

Billy Cox, over at the De Void blog of the Herald Tribune, has posted a couple of
videos based on the radar data from the Stephenville UFO incident of 2008.
A UK programmer, Rob Jeffs, has animated the data to show flight movements at the time. The white blips are the aircraft without transponders.

The videos were uploaded on the 7th April 2012.

Applying a program that duplicates conversions used by air accident investigators, Rob Jeffs has bundled the 2.8 million radar returns MUFON
acquired from five FAA and National Weather Service sites, and recreated moving images of the air traffic over central Texas from 4-8 p.m. on Jan. 8,

Jeffs compressed the four-hour window into just under three minutes. The first version shows transient individual blips as they appeared on radar in
real time, which makes the UFO’s path more difficult to follow. The second version is more dramatic because it imprints each radar track and plots
the UFO’s course as it beelines from Stephenville southeast towards President Bush’s ranch in Crawford. The most compelling activity doesn’t
kick in until around 6:55 p.m., or 18:55 according to the time counter at the top of the

Billy Cox’ De Void blog

1st animation

The second version is presented below, and to understand everything that’s going on, read the MUFON report. You may need to enlarge your screen,
but keep an eye on the color coding.

The green (and, rarely, blue) objects have activated their transponders; the white blips have not. Carswell Air Force Base sits to the north-east. Its
F-16s are flying in pairs or groups of four, but only half the planes are employing transponders. They conduct manoeuvres long before the UFO lights
the scope.

2nd animation

The original MUFON report on the radar data is available here as a pdf.

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