Stargazing Live

Stargazing Live
My favourite show that only has 3 episodes a year has inspired so many to take up astronomy in the last few years and has recently been very active in
getting everyone around the globe into taking part in deep space research.

through SpaceWarps everyone can help go through images of deep space to help identify galaxies using something
called Gravitational lens where the gravity of oh so distant galaxies bend the light in a way that you are seeing a magnification of possibly x10.
When stargazing live announced the project they were hoping for about 500,000 images to be looked though by people like you and me over the course of
a few days but reached that target in less than half an hour. because of some interesting finds that people have made many of the radio telescopes
around the world turned to face some of these distant galaxies.

The show also had some interesting interviews with astronauts Walter Cunningham and Chris Hadfield, also the scientists behind the newly launched
Gaia probe which is designed to catalogue over 1 billion objects to create a precise 3D map
of the milky way.

If you’re into space exploration I recommend you take a look, this years episodes are still available on BBC-i player and the older ones you can find
some on youtube.. also if you’re in the uk they have set up many astronomy events all around the uk through the year that you may want to get
involved with.

Space is beautiful and I can’t wait to see what opportunities the next few years of advancement brings us.

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