Something isnt right……CBS in Syria

Watch the following clip.

Being a conspiracy theorist,my job is to question EVERYTHING the U.S media puts in front me.

Starting around 55 seconds in, i feel like i witnessed the lamest “resistance” battle between fighters and government forces, that could ever take
place. Then i asked myself….what would the government benefit from “faking” a supposed scene from within Syria?

You not only create a “watered down” version of whats REALLY going on, but you get to control the scene however you want. The camera pans to a car,
while the reporter explains how a man is being taken to the hospital.( I guess the reporter didn’t mind all the gunfire) They go on to explain how one
guys a mechanic, how there all untrained and not experienced in battle. I know America’s thinking “We can do better than that!”. Maybe this was meant
to stir things up back home, get us revolutionaries pumped. Who knows……its a fishy video. Compared to this:


and this

The CBS video just looks like they are running through an orchard. Possibly just a big backyard. Perfect for a film set.

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