Some info on Source Magick

Source Magick is a brand of magick, practised by the Ancients and mostly forgotten about in modern times. It itself consists of many sub-branches of
magick all characterised by their strength in reality. I’ll start with exactly how it comes about and why we haven’t seen it in modern times. Source
magick started about 180 000 years ago when the angel/demon Lucifer and his friends descended upon this physical Universe. At that time he was still
in favour with the Godhead and was liked really by all. Wanting to improve the enjoyment of life and exploit the capabilities of the Universe he
decided to invent magick. While he had the Godhead’s help, it was still mainly up to him as this era of the Universe was under his command and
responsibility. The reality of magick is really beautiful as I will explain. Lucifer decided to create magick from seemingly non-magick or nothing.
Simply, he took the magick of falling in love and used it to create magickal effects. Each time he fell in love and this love was returned the power
of magick increased. Usually there is enough power of love (called Lovesex or Godsex) for 1% to 5% of the population to get magick. When Lucifer fell
out of favour with the Godhead and his friends about 5000 years ago (round about the Old Testament was written) the presence of magick in this world
receded until the End of an Age- and the End of an Age is now and magick is most definitely returning.

Source magick uses one of his innovations- Source (where all creativity comes from including the Godhead’s love for the world) to produce magick.
Each magickal casting, spell or enchantment uses a piece of Lucifer’s ego which rises into Source and to the magician carrying along with it
intelligence and energy to perform the spell. The ego part of the spell forms 3D fractals which causes the intelligence of Source (really the
Godhead’s flowing mind) to prepare the spell for manifestation. Some of the other Angel’s egos are used as well for the spell. All this occurs with
the Godhead’s permission (hence when Lucifer strayed this permission wasn’t granted and magick couldn’t be performed and disappeared). There are
about 10 000 different spells as the ancients discovered (recalled from past life memories as is most of this information; basically during the times
when the Angels and Lucifer shared their mind with us).

The End of an Age is here, Lucifer has been redeemed and magick is upon us once again. The Cosmic Intelligence needs its mind refreshed as to how
magick is produced and performed; we need people practising Source magick the right way. What’s special about Source magick? It behaves like the
magick of movies and video games; an instantaneous physical reaction. I dare to say it but think Harry Potter. The more people practise the sooner
more get it. I have tried it and I have seen it work as I’ve discussed elsewhere on the forum. I’ve made physical objects move with my wand and
light and steam appear out of my wand. So now onto how to do it-

A wand or ring is needed; other items can be used as well. Begin by imbuing the wand. Visualise and feel effects of the 4 elements (light and darkness
too if you want) going into the casting implement. This may take up to an hour maybe long it depends on the casting item and the user. The item should
change in some way. I have felt a wand vibrate, get lighter or give off a different smell. When this happens you know the wand is ready.

The spell itself consists of a visualisation, a verbal incantation and a non-verbal (mental) piece of wording. A connection to source (or Lovesex or
Godsex) is also required. Hold or touch the magickal item and pretend a tendril of light or emotion connects it to you and your heart. Say the verbal
incantation. Simultaneously said mentally is the non-verbal ‘incantation’; the secret is love, ie mentally visualise a loved one saying something
describing the spell or situation- all in the mind of course. Also done simultaneously is the sending of sexual energy along the body through the hand
into the magickal item. The sexual energy feels somewhat sexual and may not consist of physical arousal but rather emotional sexual interest (probably
easier for those with female souls to do).

In the past there is a standard for the spell verbal incantation but you may use a word that is relevant to the spell and/or situation. The three
simplest spells I have had success with are:
*The Doing Spell- incantation- ‘paris’
*The Illuminating spell (with a nod to Harry Potter)- ‘lumos’ (more than just creating ‘a torch’, can also be used for creating light models and
*The levitating spell (also with a nod to Harry Potter) – ‘wingardium leviosa’ (I just get a lifting feeling in my body, still waiting for magick to
get stronger for this one to really work)

Although it seems corny the reason I include spells from popular culture is because the Cosmic Intelligence is already familiar with them and their
visualisations and manifestations- saves time explaining to Cosmic Intelligence as to what you really want to get from the spell. That and we all
practice them in the shower anyways, lol.

So go ahead and practice, it probably works on first come first served for those who will get magick. It really isn’t that difficult just that there
is a proper way to do this type of magick, it just has been lost to humanity. I am quite serious about this and as soon as I am proficient enough to
produce successful spells I intend to record them and post them on youtube- perhaps I will only convince some at that stage so they’ll just have to
wait. We are entering a magickal age, I can feel my wand getting more ‘activated’ and I get a slight ‘effect’ on every other casting. So try it

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