Some ANAD Oct. Team Titles: ‘Howling Commandos’, ‘Web Warriors’, ‘Illuminati …

Some ANAD Oct. Team Titles: 'Howling Commandos', 'Web Warriors', 'Illuminati', 'Ultimates',  'Uncanny Avengers'

Yeah more leaks from the All-New, All-Different solicitations.

Source: Bleeding Cool

So someone provided Bleeding Cool with the Marvel October solicits early, and Bleeding Cool is leaking them onto the internet. Here’s a look a few more, this time some team books. Yeah, there will be more…

Nick Fury may not have his name on this, and apparently Mrs. Deadpool left, but Dum Dum Dugan (!), Elsa Bloodstone, Googam, Hit Monkey, Manphibian, Man-Thing, Teen Abomination, Werewolf By Night, and an unidentified zombie character will make up the new Howling Commandos of SHIELD. This reason for being: “To fight the monster [sic] of the world… we need the monsters of the night.” This title is by Frank Barbiere and Brent Schoonover.

Sounds like Marvel likes its Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon as it’s using a subtitle from that series with Web Warriors. This comic will be by Mike Costa and David Baldeon and features Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, the Indian Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, and Spider-Man UK. They are charged with “Defending the Spider-Verse“.

The Illuminati seems to have embraced its dark side even further as it seems The Hood, Absorbing Man, Titania, Black Ant (O’Grady), Mr. Hyde, and others will be making up its ranks. Josh Williamson and Shawn Crystal will bring you this group with the slogan “Forever Evil”.

The Ultimate Universe is gone, long live The Ultimates. The team name will live on with members Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel, Spectrum, Miss America, and Galactus (?!). Mighty Ave– The Ultimates is by Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort with the tagline “Ultimate problems need ultimate solutions”.

The Uncanny Avengers will relaunch and seems to keep on with the unity theme with the slogan “Fighting for Humanity, Inhumanity, Mutants and Deadpool”. Yes, Deadpool will be on the team along with Steve Rogers, Brother Voodoo, Human Torch, Quicksilver, Rogue, Spider-Man, and others. This bunch will be brought to you by Gerry Duggan and Ryan Stegman.

More *sigh* to come…

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