Snowden is loneliness getting to him?

One thing that never changes and it is human nature.

When foreigners go in to another country for any length of time they will break eventually and get “Home sicK”. Snowden is now showing signs of
wanting to come home.

However he is doing it with more lies.


He wants to come home but he also want immunity so he makes his new claims that he tried to alert his bosses the the spying going on. Like the NSA
doesn’t know about all the spying they do. there is no evidence he ever did such and this is only a ploy to get some bleeding heart politician to
stand up and give this thief asylum in exchange for info on all the spying then NSA is doing.

But it wont happen. How much longer will it be before he just gets on a plane and comes home just to be back in the land of the free. The thief was
nearly caught red handed, he flees when he gets wind of the fact they were on to his stealing, takes flight goes to Singapore meets with some Russians
and Chinese, then eventually ends up in Russia.

Now he wants to come home and will do anything just to get back and that included more lies.

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