Shoes (MW2017)


It was getting late. He decided to make one last attempt to get Shoes to talk more before going home. The image of whatever had attacked his car ran
through his mind over and over, the sharp teeth and dead eyes, the three claws on the window, rippling muscular frame underneath grayish skin. Had he
imagined it?

He pulled a chair around and sat in front of Shoes.

“You saw the man die, didn’t you, Shoes.”

She looked down, and he saw a tear fall. He waited a few moments.

“Shoes? Did you see the man?”

“Hayley. It’s Hayley.”

“Your name? That’s your name? Hayley?” She nodded solemnly.

He stuck his hand out, and she flinched. “Detective Isaac Johnson, Hayley. I’m glad to finally know your name.”

“You can still call me Shoes.”

“Awright, Shoes. Can you tell me what happened? Was it that,” he hesitated, trying to come up with a way to describe what they had seen. He stopped
and tried a different direction. “You know I saw it too, right?”

“You know, now.”

“Did that thing kill the man?”

“It doesn’t wear shoes.”

He looked at her, suddenly understanding. “Do you know what it is?”


“Why did it kill the man?”

“Because of me,” she broke down, crying.

“Whoa, hey girl, it ain’t your fault. You didn’t have nothing to do with that man dying, Hayley.”

“Yes I did. He was killed because I’m bad.”

“Why you sayin’ you bad?”

“Because I stole.”

“Stole? What’d you steal?”

“This.” She reached into the pocket of his suit coat and pulled out the glowing object she had held before. “It wants this. He had it, but it was
pretty. I never had anything pretty, so I took it from old Mr. Anderson. But it wanted it, and it killed him cause I took it.”

“What,” he cleared his throat. This was getting more bizarre by the moment. “What makes you think it wants that?”

“It said so. ‘Light!’ it kept saying. ‘Light!’ It’s coming. And it’s going to kill us all.

“Shoes, I ain’t gonna,” but she cut him off.

“You can’t stop it. No one can. It’s already here.”

Just then he heard shouting outside the room, in the main area of the precinct. Someone screamed, a man. Something crashed. Gunshots, more
screaming. He looked at Shoes.

“Get under the desk, girl. Now!”

Isaac drew his weapon and cracked the door open just as something roared, and a body flew across the room. More shots rang out, flashes of

“Shoes, give me the light.”

She was whimpering under the desk, “no shoes, no shoes, no shoes.”

“Girl I need that light right now. Toss it out here.”

She scrambled out from behind the desk and grabbed his belt. He looked at her, but couldn’t bring himself to tell her to go away. “You listen,
Shoes, we might have to move fast. You listen and do exactly as I tell you. You ready?” She nodded.

He pulled the door open and called out. “Hey!”

The creature – that was the only way he could describe it – was over seven feet tall. It looked like something out of a movie, with gray skin, black
eyes, thick dark claws on its hands and feet. If an ape could be crossed with a carnivorous dinosaur, he thought it would look like this. Strangely,
wore some form of clothing – metal straps and strange britches, leaving its chest bare even in the cold of October.

At his shout it swung its head toward him, baring its teeth and hissing horribly.

“I got what you need right here!” He pointed his pistol at the creature. “Yeah, that’s right. Right here, y’all. You just keep it right here.”

The thing jumped lightly up on a desk, looking from him to Shoes. It seemed to scent the air, then focused on the terrified girl.

It raised its three-clawed hand toward her. “Laat!”

“Yo Jurassic Park, you leave her alone! Keep your eyes over here!”

It crouched and hissed at him, then roared.

“Back off! Back off!”

Suddenly it sprang forward and grabbed for Shoes, but it only caught a clawful of his suitcoat, ripping it off her as she squealed and darted away.
Isaac unloaded his weapon at it but it seemed to have no effect. It casually swiped at him backhand, sending him flying six feet backward and
crashing into a desk.

“Laat!!” it crowed triumpantly, ripping his jacket apart and pulling out the small glowing orb.

From one of the many pouches strapped to its metal belt, it produced a small device. It took the glowing orb, placed it into a depression in the
device just the right size, and seemed to grin, baring its sharp teeth again. The device lit up in several colors.

Shoes came around and hid behind Isaac on the floor by some knocked-over desks. The creature walked over to them, bending low.

“Noshuzh,” it said in a raspy, harsh voice. Shoes wailed.

The creature seemed to laugh, then it straightened up. With one clawed finger, it pressed a blinking green button on the device it held. Then it


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