Seeing images?

Something odd has happened and is happening to me that I cannot explain. What happens is that I am wide awake and then all of a sudden I see a clear
literal picture in front of me. On one occasion I saw a picture of myself as if somebody took a picture of me, and sent it to my mind somehow. I
don’t have a picture that looks similar to what I have seen in my mind. Does anyone knows why this happens sometimes? I have also seen a picture of
somebody else as well who I don’t know. The pictures are disturbing. For example, I have seen a picture of myself partially without clothes on. I
don’t take those types of photos and I don’t allow anyone to take those types of photos of me. It is always something disturbing. Another picture I
saw is of a person who seems to be anorexic and she had on only her undergarments. I didn’t see her face, I only saw her from her stomach

Another thing I should mention is that I have woken up seeing a match, that is used to light a stove in odd places. When I use matches I normally put
them in a particular spot, not in the garbage. One day I saw several used matches in my flower pot, as if somebody put them there, then a few days
afterwards I saw used matches in the fridge. Then recently I saw used matches in the bathroom. One of them was put in a particular position upwards. I
told my family about it and showed them, and they think that it is also strange that used matches keep popping up in the weirdest places in the house.
Does anyone know what could be happening?

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