Scientists discover 91 volcanoes below Antarctic ice sheet

This is in addition to 47 already known about and eruption would melt more ice in region affected by climate change

Scientists have uncovered the largest volcanic region on Earth – two kilometres below the surface of the vast ice sheet that covers west

The project, by Edinburgh University researchers, has revealed almost 100 volcanoes – with the highest as tall as the Eiger, which stands at almost
4,000 metres in Switzerland.

Geologists say this huge region is likely to dwarf that of east Africa’s volcanic ridge, currently rated the densest concentration of volcanoes in
the world.

Volcanic eruptions may not reach the surface but could melt the ice from beneath and drastically destabilise it.

And the activity of this range could have worrying consequences, they have warned. “If one of these volcanoes were to erupt it could further
destabilise west Antarctica’s ice sheets,” said glacier expert Robert Bingham, one of the paper’s authors. “Anything that causes the melting
of ice – which an eruption certainly would – is likely to speed up the flow of ice into the sea.

“The big question is: how active are these volcanoes? That is something we need to determine as quickly as possible.”…

91 more volcanoes, apart from the 47 already known, have been discovered in Antarctica. The geologists who discovered these volcanoes don’t know how
many are active, if any. But warn that we need to find out ASAP because then the Antarctic ice sheets would melt causing a rise in sea levels if any
of these newly discovered volcanoes were active.

In other article we have seen how previous research also discovered that there were volcanoes in Antarctica melting the ice sheets from below the
surface of the ocean. Now we know that there are even more volcanoes.

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