Russia Quietly Tightens Reins on Web With ‘Bloggers Law’

Widely known as the “bloggers law,” the new Russian measure specifies that any site with more than 3,000 visitors daily will be considered a media
outlet akin to a newspaper and be responsible for the accuracy of the information published.

Besides registering, bloggers can no longer remain anonymous online, and organizations that provide platforms for their work such as search engines,
social networks and other forums must maintain computer records on Russian soil of everything posted over the previous six months.

Russia Quietly Tightens Reins
on Web With ‘Bloggers Law’

Putin signs new law requiring websites with more than 3,000 daily visitors to register with the Government

Looks like Putin is now following in the steps of China who heavily censor internet traffic and does not allow western sites including Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube and Google.

Pakistan has banned 20,000 to 40,000 websites, including YouTube, saying they offend Muslims. Facebook was blocked for a while in 2010, but is now

And many other countries like Turkey, Venezuela have also started to use Chinese technology to block access to certain websites. I wonder if ATS is
also banned in these countries.

Perhaps they are all worried about “Spring Riots” starting in their countries and want to control all media outlets for their own gains.

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