Rihanna, Jay-Z Can’t Be Illuminati Members Because of Their Race?!

Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Kanye West have long been rumored to be a part the super-secret Illuminati. The clandestine organization supposedly has people who “run the world” behind the scenes, though no one knows if it really exists or not.

However, if it did exist, rapper The Dream doesn’t believe RiRi, Jay-Z or Kanye would be a part of it because they are people of color. Seriously?

“It’s a ‘higher’ power and they just happened to give it to the black people, yeah right. Whatever,” he said. “If there was an Illuminati, they wouldn’t let black people in.”

Instead, The Dream claims that the only reason people say black entertainers are part of the Illuminati is so that they can undermine all the hard work those like Rihanna and Jay-Z have done to get where they are.

He said it’s “Pretty funny, ’cause nobody really wants to give you credit for where you at.”

Obviously, it’s doubtful that RiRi, Jay-Z or Kanye are part of the Illuminati—and not because of their race. The secret society would never let anyone in who partied like Rihanna (whether she was black or white!) or was outspoken like Kanye. The whole point of the Illuminati is to keep secrets from the general public. Can you imagine Kanye West ever doing such a thing? He’d be spilling the beans and bragging about it faster than he could steal the mic from Taylor Swift.

So, no, the fact that they are black has nothing to do with it. It’s the fact that, even though they are powerful entertainers, these celebs are not on the “power” scale of the Illuminati and probably never will be.


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