Radio News Reporter threatened and UFO photographs stolen

Following a wave of UFO sightings involving police officers from Wytheville, Virginia in 1987, Radio News Reporter Danny Gordon describes below how
calls flooded into his radio station from other witnesses and the harrasment he experienced after attempting to investigate the sightings, he also
claims a series of negatives were stolen from his home after he managed to photograph the objects. The TV series ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ made a good
report about the case which is posted below and there’s also an new upcoming documentary about the sightings called
Strange Country‘.

Incident / Interview:

In 1987, in the community of Wytheville, Virginia, a series of UFO encounters would occur. The first sighting to be reported was made by three

On October 7, 1987, WYVE radio station news reporter Danny Gordon received a telephone call from the local Sheriff. This was a routine call that
Gordon received to gather news each day.

However, this report was not your run-of-the-mill call. Gordon was shocked at what he was told – three Wythe County Sheriff deputies, all former
military, had seen a UFO.

A report such as this was normally relegated to the end of Gordon’s news cast, as a tongue-in-cheek report. This was the case with the UFO report, but
it would not remain humorous long.

Almost immediately after the broadcast, telephone switchboards were overloaded with UFO reports. Obviously, the three deputies were not the only
witnesses to UFOs.

On October 19, Gordon set up a call-in show for the UFO reports. Though the reports came in, Gordon felt that there must be a reasonable explanation.
He made numerous calls to the military, but was assured that nothing from the military would explain the reports..



WYVE News Director and UFO witness Danny Gordon. Received countless late night phone calls, some of them threatening. His house was broken
into, bogus reporters had visited his home, finally his UFO negatives from the photographs he took had disappeared

UFO Witness Harassment


On October 21, Danny and a friend, Roger Hall, drove to the area south of Wytheville, where most of the sightings were reported, but they were
unable to see anything, but while they were driving back, Danny looked to his left and saw an unusual object on the horizon.
They parked and got out of the car and noticed the large craft flying by, that was dome-shaped and had a strobe light on top. Danny then saw a red
ball that went towards the craft, and docked with it and the craft flew up in the sky. The two were shocked, but angered that they were unable to get
any pictures of it. The next night, Danny and Roger went out to take pictures of the craft, and this time they were able to. A press conference was
made for the next day, October 23, but the night before, Danny received an anonymous phone call and the person claimed that the CIA and federal
government were interested in the UFO sightings. Other phone calls Danny received told him not to investigate the sightings because they had to do
with the government..

Then, after the press conference, Danny returned home to find that his house had been broken into. Oddly, nothing was stolen, and Danny believes that
somebody had broken into his home to take the UFO pictures.
Six weeks later, on December 2, Danny, his wife, and daughter were leaving the local mall when people began screaming and Danny saw a large object
that broke into four smaller objects in the sky. When Danny took pictures of the objects, they disappeared from view. The pictures of the objects
surprisingly showed that they changed their form several times, from teardrop shaped to round ball shaped, and then disc shape, and finally egg shape
when they went out of sight. By the end of December, the UFO sightings had reached over 1,500 in the town of Wytheville. Patricia Akers claimed that
she had 10 sightings from an area a few miles north of Wytheville, that she believed were of strange objects that looked like helicopters or airplanes
but made no noise. Rita Marie Vaught claimed that she saw a UFO behind a ridge half a mile from her house, that she said was circle object in the sky
with strange lights. Mary Jane Williamson had several sightings from her house in the center of Wytheville. She said the UFO was a large object with
several lights around it and a red light in the middle. Danny later called the Pentagon and talked to the defense branch, and they claimed that the
government confirms that UFOs exist, but that they do not pose a threat to Wythe County..

Full story


Wytheville UFO’s 25 Years Later

Strange Country: A Different Type of UFO Documentary

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