R.I.P My Sister Christina Lynn

I type this message through tear soaked eyes.
Hoping now my Sister Christina Lynn is traveling the
Heavenly Skies.

Last night I got the news that She had passed away,
and now know I will never forget the time we spent
with Her, on that last unforgetful day.

It was not the day She left but about 1 month before,
That We had gone for a visit and knocked upon Her door.

She called from inside with a voice that was so weak
We could barely hear,
a voice so soft that on a mirror no vapor would appear.

When we asked Her what was wrong She softly gave us Her reply,
That She didn’t want to go on, She could find no reason why.

We had said She should try to nourish Herself and needed to get some sleep,
But She said Her back pains were so bad that all She could do is lie around and weep.

She turned to the bottle years ago claiming it helped Her pains subside,
But We could tell even long ago it was eating up Her insides.

We had talked to Her about Her heavy drinking a lot over the Years,
but sadly now all We can try to do, is cope with all the tears……


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