Quantum Current Flow as Volution Above and Below

There are three parts to a toroidal field in nature: Central axis, Vortex and surrounding coherent field. Connecting this concept to the adaptation
observed by our antiquated evolutionary science, we can easily see what Darwin (and so many others) have missed this when examining design in nature.

Look at the word E-volution. In Latin, ‘e’ means simply, ‘out of.’ Volution means a turning about a center. From this, all things flow. Evolution
is a product of matter’s emergence out of the torus. Literally, energy is information, and the flow of information in nature is locked by the flow of
the vortex/whirlwind/coherent field. Governing this process, we have the laws of invariant symmetry that project our orthogonal linear matrix reality
by a process of involution. Just as DNA needs a catalyst, so reality requires the catalyst of information and energy; partial and wave. To suggest
that matter alone created this symphony of complexity is to suggest that matter knew what it needed in order to coalesce a purposeful design.

The right answer is to note that creation descends from higher dimensional space to lower. Matter resides in the lowest spatial dimensions of the
orthogonal matrix, while temporal volution exists above matter. Nowhere in the lower dimensions do we note the parallel to matter determined by the
Dirac Relativistic Quantum Wave Equation. If you are unfamiliar with my use of the Dirac Wave Equation, please do not simply pass this statement off
as “woo.” Do some research to see that I am correct.

Would you be surprised to know that Darwin never once used the word evolution in his book on the origin of species? He rarely ever used the word
outside of his book. The word Evolve only occurs once in the book. The term evolution is a perfect term to use when considering how our design comes
from a simple created template emerging from the volution of the torus.

Once you note the source of the Volution as the vector equilibrium created in the torus, it’s not hard then to conceptualize how all adaptation in
nature centers on this unified principle in physics. Examine a few examples.

Starting at the Quantum level, consider the toroidal nature of a single Photon of light (both particle and wave). The most fundamental energy event
you can imagine is that of the single photon of light as both particle and wave. As most of us are aware, observation (observer’s vector field)
collapses the wave function of the photon. From a superposition state, the photon / particle then formats. As I stated earlier, information needs a
catalyst and energy IS information. Imagining this dimensionally in an orthogonal linear matrix, the event of consciousness and matter can be seen by
the volution of both, or the toroidal fluctuation emanating from the underlying Unified Field between. What part does matter play in generating
consciousness when considering this process? As a catalyst only. Light reveals what it hits.

When I say that light reveals what it hits, I am stating the obvious. Light cannot be seen unless its vector field entangles with the particle (out
of phase). When this happens, consciousness (the third aspect of light) then formats the matrix. Wave function collapse requires consciousness in this
holographic quantum entangled universe. To say that matter invented the process is to state a case of ignorance about the process. Examine further

Imagine a rock hitting a still body of water. When it hits, a wave pattern emerges in the water (catalyst). In this case, the rock is the vector field
that disrupts the stillness of the water. Once you have this image in your mind, gather together a secondary image of time. We see a slice of time
(now), but we do not see the vortex around the moment. On either side, we know there is a past (after effects of the moment) and a future
(probability vector). Around now (the wave you see), there is a larger vortex in a state of volution. Just as you only see the slice of the wave on
the surface of the water, around that slice you see is a sphere of disruption creating the wave. If you get what I am saying here, then simply
imagine the image from the first video above as the wave vector field in a toroidal field around the slice of the wave you are seeing in the water.
Below the surface, the toroidal wave is circulating. Above, in the air, the same current is flowing. Energy is information transfer in a sea of
light (both particle and wave). Electromagnetism cannot be separated from the various wavelengths embodied in the ballet of motion. All of this
motion is orthogonal dimensionally in a linear matrix. Mathematically, the equations for this are known.

Speaking from a quantum view, what do the physicists miss in their comprehension? Simply this: They are looking at the slice of wave in matter that
they see and ignoring the hidden vortex around what they see. Orthogonal means at right angles. Just like you cannot see future and past, so too we
do not see what creates the vortex. Consciousness depends on matter, just as matter cannot be formatted apart form the interplay of both.

Evolution cannot be true apart from the involution of consciousness. Volution is the turning. Coming out of the volution is what produces our world.
The key is to know that consciousness goes in first and is not a product of matter. Both have always existed.

With that said, let me show you something amazing. Vector Equilibrium represents stillness. Symmetry of the early universe would have been a high
state of order with low entropy.


Tao (The Way) that can be spoken of is not the Constant Tao’
The name that can be named is not a Constant Name.
Nameless, is the origin of Heaven and Earth;
The named is the Mother of all things.
Thus, the constant void enables one to observe the true essence.
The constant being enables one to see the outward manifestations.
These two come paired from the same origin.
But when the essence is manifested,
It has a different name.
This same origin is called “The Profound Mystery.”
As profound the mystery as It can be,
It is the Gate to the essence of all life.

That gate and profound mystery is the torus. Volution is turning. The Galaxy above, the sun in the solar system, the planet with its satellites–all
of it volution around a central and fixed point. Natural selection is hogwash and outdated. Design from consciousness is simple: Seek, Find and
Adaptation. One profound mystery solved.

By solved, I mean identified. From here, we need to see this from the Strong Nuclear Force of Neutron holding the Proton and the toroidal field of
electron spin. The strong force follows the laws of invariance and symmetry. The weak force breaks symmetry and does not follow law. By this,
nature has individuation of particles and life. Rather than a mistake of nature, this process has purpose and is identified in Genesis 1 as an image
of male and female coming together to produce matter with form, function and conscious animation.

The whirlwind as Yahweh answers Job:

Job 38

38 Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,

2 Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

Audio for Job 38

Beauty from the whirlwind in a ration of 1:1.618


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