Pulsating Orb and Large Triangle UFO Spotted Over Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

When I made it to the traffic light, it had just turned red, so I rolled my window down and tried to find the object and to listen to see if I could hear the normal loud medical chopper, but could not at that time nor hear anything related. I turned left onto Stimson toward Industrial, and as I reached the light at the Stimson Industrial Intersection, I again spotted the object in the sky clearly beyond, but above the old Kroger building, and it was now moving South.

I turned right onto Industrial Parkway, heading South toward Eisenhower Parkway, and continued to track the orb the whole way, again, with no sound from the object. Throughout this time, it was no longer a solid color but more of a plasma-type effect, transitioning from red to orange to yellow to white, and mixing in between. It’s aerial path also seemed to be a bit erratic at this point as it seemed to decend/acend in jagged movements. At this point I was fumbling trying to get my phone to take a video or pictures, but was unable to do so due to driving in an attempt to stay with the object.

As we approached Woodbury Gardens Apartments, I lost sight of the orb due to a bit of traffic on the road requiring my attention. I decided to turn left onto Astor Avenue heading West to see if I could relocate it. I drove a short way down Astor, until I came to Woodbury Park. As I stopped, I spotted the orb to the north, just as it entered into the bottom of a very large, very dark triangle-shaped object that I hadn’t seen prior to this.


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