Post-Modern American Liberalism

I was reading through some comments discussing left-wing protests of today and comparing them to the 1960’s political movements. It has become
obvious that these political groups, while being labeled the same, reveal stark differences in their belief system. The Cold War era liberal has
evolved over the decades, through natural and artificial processes. What I mean by this is that while beliefs have changed with the times, these
beliefs have been guided by America’s old nemesis, the Soviet Union. While the USSR no longer exists as a nation, the weaponization of liberalism
still persists.

The Cold War was not a physical war between nations, it was fought through proxies yes, but the main theme of the Cold War was psychological. The
USSR employed agents, who infiltrated American institutions such as the colleges and universities. This may sound fantastical, but it should be
considered for a moment. There was absolutely no way the Soviet Union could defeat America in a conventional war, even through the use of nuclear
weapons. The USSR was ingenious in what it did, using American freedom against us, and shaping a political ideology diametrically opposed to American

Young liberals are no longer taught American values: they are taught political correctness, taught to hate America, and themselves. This political
abomination did not manifest itself overnight, it has taken generations of degrading societal norms. The family unit is the last bastion against this
weaponized liberalism, and will soon fall as well.

I will attest, the civil rights movement was righteous, it was probably the last political movement with true justification for its’ purpose. The
transition began during the Vietnam war, how an anti-war movement became infiltrated and evolved into a free-love hippy fest. The ‘peacers’ were only
phase 1 of the weaponization of liberalism, the Soviet Communist did not think like an American. Their goals spanned generations, the question was:
if we shape this ideology to a bunch of free-love hippies, what will their children grow up to believe, and their children after that? What will this
political ideology transform into over the decades?

We now see the result of these efforts. The post-modern liberal has no real grasp on reality, their pampered lifestyle and ‘enlightened’ professors
have created a true monster, a group wholly embracing of Communism through violence. Even the moderate Democrat, who may not directly partake in
violence, will ignore it’s happening and actually come to the defense of these groups.

The new liberal, the post-modern liberal, is nothing like their predecessors. We are experiencing the aftermath of the long dead Communist nation’s
ultimate weapon. This is our new normal, warm weather heralds the violent liberal storm, but we will overcome.

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