Possible False Flag event in Des Moines, Iowa tomorrow on Tax Day

Des Moines, Iowa is hosting a Weapons of Mass Destruction Drill today and then tomorrow is the large scale drill at Wells Fargo Arena and the east
side of Des Moines, kind of nervous to be honest as I am from Iowa and to be honest can not remember anything like this before. I am sure it is a
drill but this seems to be pretty big.

From NBC affiliate WHO-tv

Brian O’Keefe with the Des Moines Fire Department says emergency officials in Iowa need to be prepared for anything. “Whether it’s politicians.
You know we’re number one seed producer with corn and soy, chicken embryo development, middle of the country heartland. So I’m sure all states
access it. But we’re a target like any other large community,” said O’Keefe.

More than 100 emergency response personnel from around the state will participate including bomb technicians, law enforcement and Iowa Homeland

On Wednesday personnel will hold a large scale drill at the Wells Fargo Arena and on the east side of Des Moines.



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