Planned Parenthood Emails from States Democratic Party

The South Carolina Democratic Party is issuing emails with a link to a petition to Stand with
Planned Parenthood
. After seeing the videos, I cannot imagine why the Democratic Party would want to be outwardly connected to this. I would
think they would want to distance themselves from it.

Are any other states’ Democratic Parties doing this?

Dear Friends,

The GOP is attacking Planned Parenthood again this week — hounding women and their doctors.

We’re asking you to rally behind Planned Parenthood – one of the most trusted women’s health care providers in the country – by signing your name to
a petition to show South Carolina stands with Planned Parenthood against these lies.

Friends, Sign Your Name

The campaign of lies against Planned Parenthood is getting widely discredited — in fact, The New York Times Editorial Board is calling it a
“Campaign of Deception.”

But we all know some people don’t care about the truth. That’s why we need you to step up, click here, and sign our petition.



Paid for by the South Carolina Democratic Party

South Carolina Democratic Party
915 Lady Street, Suite 111
Columbia SC 29201 United States

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