Pacific trade talks fail to end in TPP deal !

I am actually kinda surprised and pleased with this announcement simply because if it was something good then I doubt there would be all the secrecy
even from our congress critters.. By the end of the article I was pleased to see at least one other person agrees with me..

WASHINGTON – Delegates negotiating a huge Pacific free-trade agreement failed to reach a final deal Friday after several days of intense
talks in Hawaii, in a setback to US President Barack Obama.

The 12 countries involved have faced criticism for carrying out their negotiations in what opponents have charged is a high level of

Its many critics say the proposals indicate a deal moving more toward protection than free trade; one more about corporate benefits than boosting
economies and development.

“And with opposition building in many countries there are reduced chances that a deal will ever be reached on a pact that US Trade Representative
Michael Froman declared to be in its ‘end game’ in 2013 but that has become ever more controversial since.

“It’s good news for people and the planet that no deal was done at this final do-or-die meeting given the TPP’s threats to jobs, wages, safe food,
affordable medicines and more.”

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