Oil and your property

I have recently been working in the ND/SD border area flagging with a paving company. In my travels, I have many conversations with motorists while
they are waiting for a pilot car escort. In particular, the truckers have some interesting observations and I would like to share some of their
opinions here. It is basically about mineral rights of the homeowners and the oil/gas industry in the Dickinson ND down to the Bowman ND and will
follow through to Buffalo SD eventually according to the opinion of the truckers.

I had talked to several truckers and many in particular stated that they were working on a site on a homeowner’s land that didn’t want a gas well
dug on their property. The landowners own hundreds of acres. The company, Continental Resources, was digging a well within 1/8 of a mile of the
house of the homeowners, and the homeowners were trying to fight it. Unfortunately, the homeowners had no mineral rights and the ?government? (county
or state?) evidently sold the mineral rights to the highest bidder? Not only did the homeowner not have any say so about the drilling for oil on
their property, they also were not compensated in any way for the wells in production.

I didn’t know that not owning mineral rights would not only deny the landowner the right to protest mineral mining on their property but would give
mineral owners the right to do whatever they wanted wherever they wanted despite the homeowners protests. I also learned that homeowners that
inherited the land from their forefathers didn’t necessarily inherit the mineral rights which seemed a surprise to the homeowners. The trucker
didn’t know why they weren’t transferred with the land.

I don’t live in that area and I don’t understand this. Can you imagine starting a farm or cattle ranch and all of a sudden an oil company is
mining oil on your property right where you want to put your kids swing-set or a corn field? And it seems to be happening everywhere. Just a warning
to people out there to watch out for this.


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