Official: Fleas test positive for plague at Doney Park near Flagstaff

Ebola just isn’t fast enough I’m guessing now the Plague is here too…

Too many diseases lately, I wonder what else will show up…Sad times..

From the source..

FLAGSTAFF – Fleas collected near Flagstaff have tested positive for the plague, according to officials with the Coconino County Public Health
Services District. The fleas were collected and tested as part of surveillance being done by the CCPHSD Environment Health staff due to the die-off
of prairie dogs in the area. The fleas were taken from burrows at being monitored in the area near Doney Park. Residents in the area were notified of
the positive test and those burrows have since been treated. Officials will continue to monitor the situation to determine if the area will need to be
treated again.…

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