Oerlikon 35mm Revolver Gun (1000 rounds per minute)

This is, in my mind, the most amazing piece of weaponry I have ever seen! SA signed a contract and ordered some just last year!!

The Oerlikon Millennium 35mm Naval Gun System is a Close-in weapon system designed by Oerlikon (a Rheinmetall subsidiary) for mounting on ships.
It is based on the new Oerlikon 35 mm revolver cannon land based Air defense system, and uses AHEAD ammunition. A device at the muzzle end of the
barrel measures the exact speed of each round as it is fired, and automatically sets the fuse to detonate the round as it approaches a pre-set
distance from the target. Each round disperses 152 small projectiles to strike the incoming target. Whilst these are too small to do major damage in
themselves, the accumulation of damage from multiple strikes is expected to destroy wings and control surfaces, sensors and aerodynamics, causing the
target to crash. Other firing modes are designed to be effective against surface targets such as small fast attack boats.

If I remember correctly, those projectiles is only 3.3mm by 6.3mm cylindrical.

The weapon is designed to be controlled by an external fire-control system using either radar or electro-optical trackers. It is fitted with an
optional onboard observation TV camera which relays imagery to an operator console from which it can also be aimed and fired in an emergency mode. The
computer system uses an open architecture and is claimed to be compatible with many existing fire control systems.

Rate of fire

-Single shot
-Rapid Single Shot: 200 rounds per minute
-Burst (automatic fire): 1000 rounds per minute



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