Occupy Toledo Funeral

TOLEDO, OHIO –     Occupy Toledo members held a funeral Sunday afternoon saying that their stand against corporate greed,  has died. They said the movement died of apathy; but not without a coy grin and several reminders that it was, in fact, April Fool’s Day.

“It is the death of occupy-after all, it is April Fools and it is the death of occupy, so I’m here to sign the death certificate to be officially gone and dead occupy,” Dr Jonathon Ross said.

“The peace of Chrysler be with you.”  Ed Heilman, dressed up as a man of God said.
“And also with you,” the crowd emphatically responded.

“A few weeks ago people were getting a little bit tired of some of the way things were going and we played around with the idea that maybe there wasn’t any life left in us so we decided to have ourselves a funeral for ourselves,” Dan Rutt, an Occupy Toledo organizer said.

Members of Occupy Toledo said, since October of last year, they have been standing together with the occupation in Wall Street and other Occupy movements across the nation. Members said they have been protesting corporate greed in America. Critics of the Occupy movement said the protesters have no clear demands other than a mass distribution of wealth.

“2000 years ago, Jesus on Palm Sunday, according to church tradition, led the 99% into Jerusalem, if you will-the poor people- and went into the temple and cleaned it out;threw over the changing tables,” Ed Heilman said

So significance in the day-Palm Sunday- and also in April Fools Day.

“Ideas are very hard to kill and occupy is really an idea about the many overthrowing the rule of the few. And that’s an idea that’s very hard to kill,” Dan Rutt said.


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