Occupy Seattle clown imitates shooting police with umbrella prop gun

On Friday, an Occupy Seattle protester dressed as a clown imitated shooting police using an umbrella like a gun.

In a video posted at the Gateway Pundit on Saturday, the protester is seen “shooting” at police several times while participating in the “Bring the Fight to the Banks” rally.

“He and others continually taunt the police, calls Chief Diaz ‘Chief Dumb**s,’ and can’t tell the black officers apart, while calling them all racist,” Jim Hoft wrote.

The clown is seen shouting the usual Occupy Wall Street “one percent” accusations at police and pedestrians, then aims the umbrella at his targets while yelling “ba-bam, ba-bam!”

When one police officer targeted by the clown appears bothered by the “shooting,” the clown brags: “I’m getting to him. I really am.”

Occupy Seattle clown shoots at police with umbrella prop gun

Video: Occupy Seattle clown “shoots” at police with umbrella prop gun

“Get a job,” yelled one woman running to catch a bus.

The “shooter” is likely part of a small group known as the “Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army,” which the Seattle Weekly said Monday was a “relatively small” group numbering “roughly eight or nine clowns total.”

“[T]he players that make up Seattle’s element of the Clandestine Rebel Clown Army have nonetheless put their stamp on a number of important events over the last few months,” the Weekly reported.

According to the Weekly, the Seattle faction of CIRCA “was inspired by a desire to create dialogue that might not otherwise exist within the community, and hopefully give a voice to the voiceless.”

“Lewtenant Gonzo,” one of the Salish CIRCA members the Weekly interviewed, said the group is “constantly evolving.”

“Our weapons are bubble wands, whistles, and high-pitched voices,” he said. “I only see it growing. Everybody’s welcome to be a clown.”

“If the protesting clown in the video below is part of the CIRCA movement, he likely is not bringing humor to Seattle police and pedestrians, and likely only inspiring thoughts on the terrible events in Colorado early Friday morning,” Christopher Santarelli wrote at The Blaze.

Observing that the clown’s trigger finger and right elbow are “in correct positions,” Hoft wondered if the protester “is possibly a trained shooter.”


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