Obama Doctrine :No Boots on Ground Will lead US military toward Robotic warriors.

Obama Doctrine “No Boots on Ground” Will lead US military toward Robotic warriors. Face it when the President orders Generals to win war without boots
on ground which we all know is pretty impossible. The next step is for that General to put in an order with defense contractors to create an
alternative. It will happen now. Faster than I previously believed possible. Obama has brought us the Terminator.

A Soldier has been given a mission. Win without boots on ground. Our Generals will have to build a Robot Army now.

US Army to Replace Human Soldiers with “Humanoid

Humanoid robots are taking longer to develop not simply because they are more complicated—and they are—but because we want them to be almost
human. That is a very high bar, but evidently not an insurmountable one.


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