NWO Globalist Political Crime Syndicate IS Ready to Make its Move

All the pieces of the implementation of the Globalist New World Order political crime syndicate are all falling into place: prevalent terrorism and
even a terror army and lone terrorists-zombies all over the place are facilitating the march to a surveillance police-state and the economic globalist
agenda of world-wide austerity is in place and getting ready to kick off in the USA.

This most recent spree “terrorist” killing in Tennessee is a perfect black operation event for implementation of the NWO mechanism of massive
control: here is a “nice” guy in the neighborhood that everyone is in shock–who they interview—that this nice guy would do such a thing!

This is a black op if there ever was one for that precise reasoning. You have ex-military commendatory going on CNN, FOX and MSNBC and declaring that
there is no profile for a terrorist therefore all means must be employed to initiate a massive surveillance operation in order to stem this tide.

On the political front, the mentally deranged, in-human GOP philosophy of neo-liberal economics is just around the corner (such as a Greek type
austerity in America) and will be implemented when a GOP president is elected alongside a Republican congress and senate. The good cop ( Democrat) bad
cop ( Republican) methodology of duopoly rule will be suspended and a GOP massive surveillance state and austerity will be implemented in the USA
overtly, unlike the covert way it is mainly done in Democratic ruled times such as presently done through Obama…

The Republicans have inherently the philosophy (ignorance, selfishness, intolerance, austerity loving, supports massive surveillance state) perfectly
in-line with the goals of the Globalist NWO agenda of austerity and control.

Obama is clearly pulling his punches against the (war of civilizations) ISIS useful madmen (plus NATO controlled terrorists) so the GOP madman waiting
in the wings will be the one appointed to carry out the war against ISIS and also the austerity agenda in America that will cripple the worlds

The most horrid scenario is a 911 type ISIS inspired terrorist event that will be so massive (maybe an attack on one of the utility grids) that it
will not only inspire another Pearl Harbor mentality in America but also precipitate an economic crisis…

Which will be the implementation of the era of Austerrorism

Austerrorism: the comingling of austerity with artificial terrorism!

Election 2016

Appointed Madmen: Jeb Bush: Scott Walker, John Cassick:

These are the only possible of the GOP group of crazies who will possibly be crowned chief Bush-style evildoer.

Hillary, along with her terrible husband Bill Clinton, is an honored member of the Globalist political crime syndicate, is probably hired to loose and
the only hope in forestalling this horrible scenario will be the election of Bernie Sanders. (And if you think Bernie can win, Id like to sell you a
bridge in West Virginia that in the river!)

Strangely enough, Trump MAY BE a secret good guy hired by the secret GOOD guys to muck up the works. If HE IS CONNECTED TO THEM THEN HE PROBABLY IS

If not he better be careful. The recent Mexican drug dealer escape could be a warning to Trump

(These secret good guys are the same people who infiltrated the 911 operation to expose it)

From this point on, likely, up until the election will be a steady series of these unfortunate (likely black operation) terrorist events as well the
further institutionalizing of the war against ISIS, the implementation of and a steady march to world-wide austerity and a world-wide police and
surveillance state:


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