Now you have to worry about invisible chemtrails too…….

apparently the powers that be have noticed that people are noticing the long white persistent chemtrails, so now they are changing them to be
non-persistent, or even invisible!

Global Sky Watch has the

Those spraying chemtrails would like nothing more than for you to believe that short, non-persistent plumes coming out of jets are harmless
contrails. If they convince you of this, then you will ignore these plumes and allow them to spray you without objection, and this is exactly what
they want. Beware of those who claim that short plumes emitted by aircraft are “contrails”.

If they convince you of this, then, when upgrades in equipment allow them to spray chemtrails which produce only short, non-persistent plumes, you
will be convinced that they are perfectly harmless.

These upgrades in equipment are already occurring. Non-persistent chemtrails are now appearing all over the world.

But that’s not the end of the story. Now, people in many areas are reporting no visible chemtrails at all. Have they gone away? No. They have only
gone high-altitude.

I have personally witnessed chemtrails change from:

(1) Persistent chemtrails, to

(2) Non-persistent chemtrails, to

(3) Non-visible chemtrails (high-altitude chemtrails not visible from the ground),

so now you have to worry about clear skies too!!


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