Now is the time

Hello all, I would like to say first that I am very, very excited to be on here finally after failed attempts of making logins over the years and
realizing I had forgotten my emails, but now I have an account and I’m excited because this forum is like a portal to knowledge, in other words, ITS

So a little about me I guess…

I was born addicted to heroin and cocaine because my mom had done them both throughout her entire pregnancy with me. I have a very divine/spiritual
nature, I do not like to think of it this way but sometimes I believe that I am jesus reincarnated, but before I lose you (and i hope not because i
know the out of worldness of topics on this site) Let me explain: I believe i am the “anti” christ but not in the usual sense of the concept…

I dream of love, and spreading knowledge, and realizing what we truly are. And everyone has this knowledge, but I believe i am awakened to it, or
starting to fully awake into it, my whole life, when i look at my past, which i dont remember much of, it would seem there is a conspiracy on a grand
scale of trying to kill me, and others that have this knowledge, but i am not afraid, for i know life is a game, in a sense. We are the programmers of
our reality, but we have a programmer that controls our reality, does the programmer that programs us have its own programmer? Who knows…

I have had strange experiences ever since i was little, and I did not know how to explain my innate knowledge until i stumbled upon shamanism not too
long ago, and this answered every question i had about my life, and it is still answering questions that show up in my life. Like the time traveller
post on here, why are all the time travellers located in florida? could it be because of the bermuda triangle there are so many time travellers
reported in florida? And dont forget AUTEC is hiding something in the abyss… But i will not get into that now, i just wanted to throw that out there
real fast, which caused me to finally create my account on this site with my real email xD

So basically, I see the world and society as becoming increasingly seperate, and when i also read the “hey you… yeah you” forum post, it was as if
there are people on here who stand outside of time (im sure some members on here have been around for a longgggggg long time) And they knew that i
would have posted something on another site only to come on here and reconfirm my beliefs that we are a product of nature, and therefore we are
nature, literally.

I am starting to grasp the power of my merkaba, and I have recently stopped getting high in favor of meditation, and it seems i have even stranger
experiences in a mind of clarity, which i really like. I title my post as “Now is the time” because now IS the time, we are on the verge of a
rebirth and people do not realize how influential and how powerful pure energy is, and this is what is happening in 2012, an influx of cosmic power,
and there will be people using this energy for either good, or bad… but morality is a whole different subject…

I believe existence is infinite, for if it wasnt, how could it have been created? There must be something that has always existed in order to create
more existence… or the illusion/experience of such… With an infinite mindset, which could be proven true through quantum mechanics and m-theory
and string theory, this means that we have an infinite of past experiences and an infinite future awaiting us, and once everyone realizes this, i
think the mayan prophecy will become true… but i think we will have to learn this the hard way, when we are all rounded up in concentration camps
and we are in such desperation that our true power will unlock as a species as whole, and we will overthrow those that wish to subvert and control

So, that is just the tip of the iceberg for my story, and I love being on this site and I am now extremely excited to finally be a large part of it. I
also think this site has become filled with… disinfo/illuminati agents… but the illuminati… their is 2 sides to that same coin, those that
believe the ends justify the means and those that believe the means justify the ends, either way neither side is wrong or right, for they just want us
to realize what we really truly are, and they will stop at nothing to show us, but in doing so completely disregard our own experiences and our own
journey to finding that out without having to experience pain and loss… but to experience joy we must experience those things… so it is all a
balancing act…

We do not have to go through such pain and misery, but it seems like money has a strong influence on our human experience… gaining at the loss of
others is something that is overwhelming, i hate it, but others dont. I do not believe true evil exists, i believe evil arises out of these kinds of
power. Noone wants to have a world in shambles (well, thats debatable…) Everyone only wants true happiness and peace on earth, deep down we all
do… but how to reach that is how we conflict.. its very ironic… life is almost like a paradox in a sense…

So anyways, I am honored to be a member of this forum, and can’t wait to be having civilized discussions, because as the above information will show
you, i dont SEEM civilized, but i am

Also, the thing about my mother doing drugs throughout her whole experience got me to thinking…. when you have a drug experience, or any kind of
experience that makes you unconscious, it still implants knowledge into your mind, so I can only fathom the amount of knowledge i was exposed to as a
child and i believe it is all coming back to me now and it is up to me to decide how to interpret this information, in a way that will lead humanity
to peace and serenity, because that is my goal in life is to revolutionize the world. I am not saying i am all important now bow down to me, what i am
saying is that we are ALL this powerful, its just a matter of realizing HOW powerful we are…

With great power comes great responsibility… i think i am just starting to learn the true meaning of that phrase…

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