November 8, 2012 volcano activity

The shallow earthquake swarm at or near Mammoth Mountain volcano (CA), appears to have begun,…in nearby Long Valley Caldera. (station MRD). As
with the precursory deep low-frequency earthquake swarm at Mammoth Mountain on 29 October, the shallow earthquakes are accompanied by a deflection in
the trend of deformation recorded on nearby dilatometers, though nowhere as pronounced as that which occurred with the deep swarm (so far).

Frequent (An average of more than two per hour) exhalations of gas and ash continue at Popocatepetl volcano (Mexico) today. The seismogram recorded
at the volcano today shows a mix of exhalation signals (upper), a regional earthquake (middle), and small local earthquakes imprinted over weak
volcanic tremor (lower).

Volcanic tremor has strengthened (or become more visible without the telemetry(?) interference that has plagued INSIVUMEH seismograms the past week!)
at Pacaya, Fuego and Santa Maria volcanoes (Guatemala). (stations PCG, FG3, and STG6 respectively)

Another burst of volcano-tectonic earthquakes is underway within Nevado Del Ruiz volcano (Colombia) this morning. The persistence (and
strengthening?) of the activity suggests renewed magma intrusion beneath the volcano. (station OLLZ)

Trains of low amplitude earthquakes are apparent on the seismogram recorded at Tongariro volcano (New Zealand) today. This is a departure from the
relatively quiet behavior of the volcano over the past few months. Local earthquakes are also occurring at nearby Ruapehu volcano, along with periods
of low-level volcanic tremor. Offshore from the North Island, White Island quivers with continuous volcanic tremor again today.

Recent satellite imagery depicts relatively weak SO2 plumes issuing from Popocatepetl, Turrialba/Poas volcanoes (Costa Rica), Nevado Del Ruiz, Ambrym
(Vanuatu), Bagana (New Guinea) and Dukono

this is scary stuff all the earthquakes the supper storms volcano activity after the earthquakes leads me to believe that the earth is
going throught some serious changes…anybody else feel the same way?the earth quakes magior one at thaT are like every other day now. here is the

Several Central American sites down today, no doubt as a result of the big quake there yesterday. Would love to see the Guatemalan volcano
seismograms this morning!

The swarm of small earthquakes (M

As mentioned before, no information available for Popocatepetl (Mexico) and the Guatemalan volcanoes today.

Banded volcanic tremor has appeared during the past 24 hours at Concepcion volcano (Nicaragua). (station CONN)

Seismicity remains high beneath Nevado Del Ruiz volcano (Colombia). INGEOMINAS reports several thousand small earthquakes have occurred the past few
days at depths around 5 km beneath the northern part of the volcano. (station OLLZ)

Small earthquakes still dot seismograms at Tongariro volcano (New Zealand). Local seismicity has risen overnight at nearby Ruapehu, and banded
volcanic tremor rumbles-on beneath off-shore White Island volcano

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