New Viking Sword Discovered in Southern Norway

A sword from the late Viking Age has been discovered in a burial in Langeid, a village in southern Norway. “Although the iron blade has rusted,
the handle is well preserved. It is wrapped with silver thread and the hilt and pommel at the top are covered in silver with details in gold, edged
with a copper alloy thread,” project leader Zanette Glørstad said in a press release. Post holes in the four corners of the large grave once held a
roof, and yielded charcoal dated to the year A.D. 1030, which coincides with coins found at the bottom of the grave. One of the coins, from England,
was minted during the reign of Ethelred II, between 978 and 1016. A battle ax with a shaft coated with brass was also discovered in the same grave.

“At the top of the pommel, we can also clearly see a picture of a hand holding a cross. That’s unique and we don’t know of any similar
findings on other swords from the Viking Age. Both the hand and the letters indicate that the sword was deliberately decorated with Christian
symbolism. But how did such a sword end up in a pagan burial ground in Norway? The design of the sword, the symbols and the precious metal used all
make it perfectly clear that this was a magnificent treasure, probably produced abroad and brought back to Norway by a very prominent man,” added
Camilla Cecilie Weenn.

This is very interesting, I am really curious about this Christian connection . I just came across this so I am still reading up on it , I figured i
would drop it on ATS and get some ideas going about this sword and it’s supposed Christian symbolism. Maybe one of our fellow ATS Brethren and
Sistern can enlighten us a bit more on Norse Society !

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