New to ATS

Hey everyone. I just thought I should introduce myself.

I needed to find a place where I can talk about my experiences and talk to like minded people. I know I shouldn’t be using a forum as means of
therapy but I’ve had experiences where I can’t really talk to anyone about. I tell my boyfriend about it whenever it happens or happened but he’s
very skeptical and rarely ever believes me and it can get pretty frustrating that I have no one on my side. So I hope the folks here in ATS lend a
friendly ear, or should I say, eyes. Sometimes you just need to know that there are other people like you, you know?

I’m an artist who lives in a boring part of NYC with pets. I’m a spiritual and open minded person and enjoy topics of the paranormal. I guess I
should talk a little about an experience i’ve have of a UFO for this intro, to get a feel of what i’ve experienced. (I’ve had other paranormal
things happen to me, like ghosts, but that’s for another time.)

People might not believe me but I know what I saw. I must of been 15 or so (it’s a long time ago) when I first saw a UFO. It was a shining diamond
shaped one and around it were other little lights that appeared. They would flicker in and out and would move, like as if it was putting on a show.
The “show” felt like it transpired for a very long time. I was just staring out my window. I wanted to wake up my friend who was sleeping over at
the time and my mother but I didn’t even move. I was in a kind of awed trance. It was so strange though, it seemed like the way they were all
organized in the sky, aligned right above the apartment building across from mine, even down to the way the building had an intersecting point.
It was so frightening and amazing and beautiful and completely mesmerizing all at once, that my mind was blank and was just trying to register what
was going on. I didn’t know what it was, I had no name for it until I was watching T.V years later, it was a documentary about UFOs. But by that time
I had forgotten about it because I was young and thought nothing of it. On the show a farmer was talking about seeing a diamond shaped light in the
sky and you know that moment when something clicks in your head and memories start to flood back in like a tidal wave? It was exactly like that. I was
so excited and scared. What the farmer explained, is what a saw. From then on, I knew there were things more to this world. To say the least, I became
obsessed with UFOs and aliens.
Its engraved in my brain what happened that night and I will never forget what I saw. Quite frankly I don’t care if people don’t believe me but I
know what I saw and that it wasn’t a dream or my imagination.

That wasn’t the last time I saw UFOs though. But anyways, thanks for listening and I hope this is a place where people can support each other.
Looking forward to more of ATS!

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