Natwest / RBS / Ulster Bank Hacked??

I have no evidence to support this theory, this is just pure speculation, but then again this is ATS most of it is!!

With the banking system getting scrutinised in the UK even more in recent years, it is alarming that such a wide failure on the part of the
aforementioned banks was allowed to take place.

For people that are not aware of the failures that apparently occured within the mentioned banks, then please see here.…

For such a large company to experiance such issues for these issues to continue for the length of time that they have, not only that but the phone
systems, internal systems, access to online systems. Literally everything within the banks was and still is down!

If you were to go into your local branch currently, they will not be able to tell you what your balance is, and you are restricted to £100

Is it possible that the bank could have been targeted by hackers?

Would the bank make this knowledge public?

I dont think that they would, as this would drive customers and businesses in their droves to other banks as the confidence in them would have been
decimated. Is it better for the bank to take loss on the amount of people who will genuinly leave after this debacle, or more expensive for them to
take the hit if there were to admit that they have been hacked?

As I said, I have no evidence, but it is worth contemplating!

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